Well, they’ve gone and done it. The wine and legal cannabis industries have joined forces to create a super wine that totes both the benefits (and taste) of vino with the benefits (and taste) of cannabis. Cannabis-infused wine is now officially a thing in states where cannabis is legal (hello, Sonoma!). So, we’re breaking down this trendy new beverage for you. Get ready to vino and chill.

Wait for It: Cannabis Wine Has Been Around for Centuries

Think cannabis-infused wine is the newest thing to hit the wine industry since cannabis was legalized in Cali? Think again. Consumers have been “doctoring” up their wine with cannabis for just about as long as they’ve been drinking wine.

Back in ancient times, wine wasn’t necessarily the “sacred” beverage it is today. Imagine your most trusted sommelier approving of wine drinkers flavoring their vinos with herbs and spices. Cue to freakout ensuing and someone getting banned from their favorite wine bar.

But back in the day, it was pretty common to make wine cocktails by mixing wine, tea and herbs together. Why wouldn’t you throw a little cannabis or CBD in there?

Plus, cannabis wine was like, basically in the bible and stuff.

Celebrities Who Drink “Pot” Wine

Yes, we’re classin’ it up here by introducing the term “pot wine” to this article. But that’s what celebrities have been calling cannabis-infused wine. And if celebs are doing it? It must be right.

Some of the most famous celebs to jump on the cannabis wine bandwagon include Gwyneth Paltrow and Melissa Etheridge. The latter has actually become a representative for said wine.

Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Wine

What happens when you mix THC and vino? According to fans of cannabis wine: magic. Not only does the alcohol and THC combine to make an even more relaxing experience, but the flavor palates of the two are also a match made in heaven.

One caveat? You gotta be a little more careful with cannabis-infused wine. You don’t want to park an open bottle of cannawine on the coffee table for your “Bachelor” marathons. This wine is meant to be savored slowly.

How to Drink Cannabis-Infused Wine

Drinking cannabis wine is like sipping most vinos. You can pair a bottle of it with a meal or some gourmet popcorn. You can bring it to Thanksgiving as a hostess gift. Or, you can just pop the cork and enjoy it solo.

Before pairing with food, you might want to get to know your wine a little first. The first step is opening the bottle and allowing it to breathe (if it’s a wine that needs a little aeration). Pour a little into a wineglass and give it a swirl and a sniff. What do you smell? Is it the earthiness of the wine — or is that the earthiness of the cannabis?

Buying Cannawine

Cannawine is available for purchase in most states where cannabis is legal. In addition to Melissa Etheridge’s brand, you can find it online and in dispensaries.

Just do yourself a favor and check the THC content of the wine before buying.

If you don’t live in a state where cannabis is legal, fear not. You’ll probably start seeing CBD infused wine in stores in less time than it takes to vote on a cannabis legalization bill.

How to Make Cannawine

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal and are more of a DIYer than a go-out-and-buyer, you can make your own at home! Martha and Snoop would be so proud…

According to the online seed retailer Royal Queen Seeds, you can either infuse your wine with a tea bag or boil it like you would a mulled wine at Christmas.

To make a tea, you just need to decarb the cannabis in the oven (heat it to activate the THC). Then, tie up the decarbed cannabis in a cheesecloth (or stuff a few buds into a pre-folded teabag). Submerge the teabag in a bottle of wine for at least a day.

If you’re using the mulled wine method, just skip the decarb step and boil some red wine with a teabag full of cannabis and mulled wine spices.

Above all else, we must urge you to partake in cannabis wine responsibly. Just as we would recommend getting a DD (or hiring a wine tour company!) to take you through wine country, we recommend staying put when partaking in cannabis wine. And whatever you do, don’t break the law to try some. Wait until you can legally purchase it in your state (or just stick to legal CBD wine instead).